Brian Rosen is a Doctoral Fellow at the RAND Corporation. He has worked on several projects involving national security, counterterrorism, homeland defense, and international law. Rosen has also completed research on the concept of Public Diplomacy with RAND Senior Advisor Charles Wolf Jr. Rosen is also a practicing attorney.

Rosen received a JD with distinction from Emory University and a BA from Duke University. At Emory, Rosen was Associate Editor of the Emory International Law Review.

Public Diplomacy

In 2004, Rosen along with Charles Wolf Jr., completed their book Public Diplomacy: How to Think About It and Improve It. The authors propose a new approach to conceptualizing and conducting public diplomacy, defined as a process of informing and convincing foreign publics, especially those in the Muslim world, that the ideals Americans cherish-such as pluralism, freedom, women's rights, and democracy — are fundamental human values that will resonate in their own countries.

In one essay from the work, Lessons from King and Mandela, the authors shed light on America’s image abroad. The piece, published in late 2005 by Foreign Policy, tackles issues regarding the US’s faltering image problems and gives thought to the exportation of American public diplomacy.

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