Public Diplomacy

China’s Public Diplomacy Efforts

China’s continuing rise has thrust the country into a more eminent position regarding their influence on world politics and society. With annual growth rates of almost 10% since 1994, China is increasingly able to provide for its large population while furthering the nation’s role in global relations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed a formal desire to serve China by exposing the world to the nation’s distinct culture and history.

Shen Guofang, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs has expressed in recent years the Ministry's desires to be more public-oriented and serve the general public by "giving top priority to the people, seeking truths and being pragmatic". He acknowledges that there is still much to be done in order to meet the requirements of the times, satisfy the expectations of China's citizens and catch up with the development of public diplomacy in other regions of the world. For confronting these increasingly important concerns, a Division for Public Diplomacy has been established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

China’s Soft Power

In June 2006, Joshua Kurlantzick of the Carnegie Endowment released his latest work, China’s Charm: Implications of Chinese Soft Power. The piece gives an in-depth look at China’s rising influence in regional and global affairs, met at the same time by America’s declining authority. It seems Beijing’s push to spread Chinese culture and business opportunity may be a mixed blessing to the developing nations of East Asia, driving rapid economic development yet possibly hindering the progress of free, democratic societies. The U.S. must view relations with China as mutually beneficial, diplomatically engaging the country and its growing allies.

Language Initiatives

Some great stories regarding the spread of Chinese language learning and Public Diplomacy have recently sprung up. More and more students are being drawn to the opportunities presented by acquiring such ability. The blog, Public Diplomacy Watch gives some brief thought on the subjectand offers some great analysis on other issues concerning Public Diplomacy and China.

Vital Information

  • Population - 1,313,973,713 (July 2006 est.)
  • Government – Chinese Communist Party or CCP; eight registered small parties controlled by CCP
  • President Hu Jintao
  • Vice President Zeng Qinghong

  • Since 1994 China's economy has grown at an annual rate of almost 10% in real terms. This has had a huge impact on reducing poverty. In 2004, the number of people living on less than $1/day was estimated at 135 million, or around 10% of the population. China's per capita income is now around $1,300

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Blogs written by both the Chinese community as well as overseas Americans, can give a fresh perspective on news and developments that affect the rising country’s relationship with the world. The blog gives voice to opinions on “the rise of China" and allows overseas communities perspectives on politically critical movements. provides “daily translations of the words of Chinese intellectuals."

The advancement of technology and modern communication is giving voice to people previously closed off from global society. Free thoughts now overcoming previous boundaries are provoking political change, while nearly every aspect of every culture, from fashion to music, influence an ever-changing world society.

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