David Hoffman is President of Internews Network, a global non-profit organization furthering open media worldwide. A leading expert on media policy, Hoffman has worked with local journalists throughout the world, including the former Soviet Union, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Hoffman has written extensively on the media and democracy and Internet news.

Hoffman’s work argues strongly the dire importance of supporting open media and broadcast around the world. His piece Beyond Public Diplomacy argues this exact need to promote free press in oppressed countries:

“As the United States adds weapons of mass communication to weapons of war, therefore, it must also take on the more important job of supporting indigenous open media, democracy, and civil society in the Muslim world. Even though many Muslims disagree with U.S. foreign policy, particularly toward the Middle East, they yearn for freedom of speech and access to information. U.S. national security is enhanced to the degree that other nations share these freedoms. And it is endangered by nations that practice propaganda, encourage their media to spew hatred, and deny freedom of expression.�?

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