Diana Lady Dougan is Senior Advisor to the Center on Strategic & International Studies and Chair of the International Communications Studies Program. She is currently Chairman of the Cyber Century Forum. She is also co-chair of the governing board of the Center for Information Infrastructure and Economic Development, based in Beijing under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

From 1982 to 1988, Dougan was the first statutory U.S. coordinator for international communications and information policy. She led international negotiations involving telecommunications and information technology services on behalf of 14 federal agencies. Dougan also served administratively as Assistant Secretary of State, now holding the permanent rank of Ambassador.

Dougan was appointed by both President Ford and Carter as Director of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. During this time, she produced several prominent television news programs. “The MX Debate�? was the 1981 winner of the Peabody Award for excellence in broadcast journalism. Dougan continues to be active on a number of educational and cultural commissions, including the World Affairs Council, the Center for the Study of the Presidency, and Editorial Advisory Board of The Christian Science Monitor TV.

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