The European Union practices public diplomacy through a multilayered framework of policies and programs, relying both on its Representations in member-states, as well as its Delegations abroad. With its internal communication strategy the Union aims to engage EU-citizens more closely in its political life and to create a sense of common identity. Its communication strategy for enlargement, on the other hand, is designed to explain the goals and responsibilities of the European project to membership-aspiring countries, as well as to promote the benefits of enlargement to domestic Euro-skeptics. The European Neighborhood Policy, providing for yet another layer of regional integration and governance, is directed towards the EU's immediate neighbors by land and sea who have not been offered the perspective of membership. Finally, through its network of Delegations abroad, the EU strives to assert itself on the international stage and regulates its relations with "third" countries. Although essentially aimed at developing a public diplomacy capability, most of the outreach activities of the EU are not officially referred to as "public diplomacy", but are described as information and communication campaigns, or education and cultural exchange programs. These efforts are intended not only to inform and explain the workings of EU institutions but also to socialize into the norms and values of the Union. The European Commission is the institution responsible for conducting the Union's diplomacy and public diplomacy efforts. While other EU bodies have also initiated public diplomacy programs, the Commission is the one providing the executive action.

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