Hady Amr is a managing director of the Amr Group, a strategic consulting firm providing guidance to international institutions and businesses focused on development in the Arab world. Formerly serving at the World Bank, Amr has managed the implementation of several economic projects for the UN, Ford Foundation, USAID, and several others.

Amr served in the Clinton Administration at the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies at the National Defense University. He was later National Director for Ethnic American Outreach during Al Gore’s presidential bid.

Public Diplomacy

Under the US State Department, Amr conducted studies in several Arab countries on public and government opinion on US foreign policy. Stemming from this work, Amr produced The Need to Communciate: How to Improve US Public Diplomacy with the Islamic World in 2004 for the Brookings Institution.

The report gives a rather in-depth look at recent work done in the public diplomacy field, and then responds with a perspective on current anti-US sentiments in the Arab world. Amr gives some strong recommendations and areas of focus that the US government should actively promote to better their image abroad. Some interesting suggestions include a revised outlook on the youth of Muslim countries. Rather than viewing this expanding population as a threat, the group is likely to have the strongest affinity toward American values and culture, and thus should be actively engaged through diplomatic initiatives.

Publications, Commentary & Articles


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