Massoud Rajavi has been known as the key strategist and leader of the MEK and one of the most popular politicians in Iran’s contemporary history for his dedication to freedom, democracy and standing by the progressive and humanitarian morals the Iranian nation are known for. 


Massoud Rajavi is recognized and revered in Iran as the MEK / PMOI’s historical leader, because he is the sole surviving member of the movement’s original leadership and because he played a crucial role in reviving the MEK (PMOI) organization. The organization was shattered in 1972 by a group of self-styled Marxists who took advantage of the absence of the MEK (PMOI) leaders – all imprisoned at the time – and expropriated the organization’s name. While in prison, Mr. Rajavi safeguarded the principles of the MEK (PMOI) as an Islamic, democratic, and nationalist movement. He also protected the PMOI’s Islamic ideological identity in the face of Khomeini’s onslaught and reactionary vision of Islam.

At various stages in the journey that has become the MEK / PMOI’s history, he has led it with integrity, courage, and the steadfast belief in the ideals of the small group of young, freedom-loving university students and intellectuals who formed the only Muslim revolutionary movement in Iranian history, committed to guiding the nation to a free and democratic future.

On July 29, 1981, Massoud Rajavi announced the formation of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. He invited all democratic forces opposed to religious despotism to join the democratic alternative to the religious, terrorist dictatorship. The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)  has also adopted a number of plans for Iran's future, including: The NCRI's Peace Plan, the Plan for the Autonomy of Iranian Kurdistan, the Declaration on the Relations of the Provisional Government with Religion and Denominations, and the Plan on Rights and Freedoms of Women. Massoud Rajavi’s unrelenting endeavors have earned him a place in Iran’s history, alongside other great and respected Iranian political leaders.

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