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Radio Saranrom acts as a bridge between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Thai people. Formerly the Voice of Free Asia, Radio Saranrom was inaugurated on Apr. 21, 1998.

The objectives of Radio Saranrom are:

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• To conduct Diplomacy for the People through the dissemination of information on Thailand's foreign affairs and promoting the welfare of Thais both in Thailand and abroad

• To reflect Thai society by publicizing information on Thai culture, tradition, lifestyle, religion, and tourism so as to promote Thai identity

• To provide news and information on social, economic, and foreign relations

• To promote better understanding between Thailand and neighbouring countries

• To act as a medium of communications between Thais abroad and their relatives in Thailand

• To provide entertainment which contributes to improving the quality of life on the basis of self-sufficiency

Radio Saranrom

The network includes Radio Thailand; MCOT - internet radio, accessible here; the 919 Radio Station, broadcasting news on foreign affairs; and COCOLO Radio, a station in Osaka, Japan targeted to Thai audiences and Japanese learning the Thai language.

Radio Saranrom includes the following programs:

• Agricultural Tips

From local wisdom to new-age technology for Thai farmers. Providing information to farmers, advice on farming techniques, choices for a stable livelihoods as well as safety tips for the lives of farmers, consumers, and the environment.

• Travel Thailand

Promoting tourist attractions in various provinces, their slogans, products, culture, tradition and local norms. To crate awareness and instill the pride of being Thai among the Thai people, and promote cooperation in the preservation, development, and promotion of tourism in Thailand.

• Literary Circles

Open a book, open a writer's soul. Follow developments in the literary world through interviews with renowned thinkers and writers, whose published works have been widely accepted by the public and reflect their viewpoints.

• Health Tips

Providing information on basic public health issues. Advising the public on how to take care of themselves, physically and mentally. These include medical technology break throughs, and causes of diseases and their prevention, with special emphasis on the diseases that currently have outbreaks.

• Thai Heritage

Cultural heritage, traditions, religion, beliefs, cuisine, and musical and performing arts that portray the thoughts and spiritual development, lifestyle, values and philosophies that have been handed down through time.

• News & Current Affairs

Presenting news and information on neighbouring countries to the people living in provinces near the border to keep them abreast of the latest information and border regulations, engender a correct understanding of the neighbouring countries, and inform the public about the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• Cooking for Health

Presenting healthy and nutritional eating habits, suggesting recipes for healthy living, the benefits of local herbs and vegetables, as well as recommending good restaurants.

• Tales to Share

Sharing a wide array of experiences and knowledge through interviews with interesting personalities.

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