The Olympic Games

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy’s program, Sports as Cultural Diplomacy, was developed to help transcend cultural differences and bring people together through sports. Their goals are to expand research in the field of cultural diplomacy, promote dialogue, understanding and trust amongst all participants, and to develop new opportunities for people to come together. To achieve these goals, the ICD works to educate participants through their international sporting projects as well as culturally diplomatic endeavors.

World Paddle Sport Foundation

The World Paddle Sport Foundation's mission is to introduce the ideals and visions of the Olympics, providing leadership to women from Muslim and Arab lands. If indeed sport and exchange of cultures can lessen tensions between Nations, this is the goal of the WPSF by bringing people together to realize we are of the same skin, mind and spirit. In June 2007 Ms. Ashraf and Mr. Wiegand began exchanges between individual Iranian and US athletes, disregarding the political tensions between the two Nations. Throughout the ages, in countries across the globe, women have struggled and fought in pursuit of gender equality. Having a voice in government and living free of lifelong enslavement by another person were once pipe dreams for the women of the world, and are still a distant desire in many nations.

The World Paddle Sport Foundation [WPSF] is distinctly aware that improving the vitality of life is essential to enhance and alleviate the human condition through canoeing and kayaking. WPSF is committed to changing lives through empowering individuals to suspend and transcend the gravity of their circumstances and partake in the fun, excitement, delight and brightness that life has to offer through canoeing and kayaking.

It is the World Paddle Sport Foundation’s commitment to individually touch and infect the lives of women and children, with vibrancy of life, and sharing the passion, creativity, and talent of its volunteers, and a desire to live what you love through inspirational, innovative and personalized canoe and kayak instruction targeting five specific goals:

1. Provide opportunities to realize and reach real life goals through paddle sport

2. Provide a chance to find passion, and maintain passion, through paddle sport and find ways to associate them in daily life.

3. Become confident, well-rounded adults and leaders in society when they return to their home.

4. Allow each person to proudly represent their National, Social and Political culture in a sporting environment in which is intended as a peaceful movement.

5. Allow women to find an equal spot in today’s difficult economic world and achieve gender equity in sport and life.

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