Public Diplomacy

A growing body of literature exists on the subject of public diplomacy. This page is not intended to be a comprehensive resource list. Rather it highlights the most critical books and articles on subjects relevant to the study and practice of public diplomacy. Please feel free to add key texts that may have been overlooked. For a comprehensive resource list, please visit the CPD Library

Cultural Diplomacy


History of Public Diplomacy

International Broadcasting

Middle East

East Asia

New Technology

  • Fulton, Barry (Ed.) (2002) Net Diplomacy I, II, and III a special series of the United States Institute of Peace's Virtual Diplomacy Series in which authors are invited to speculate on the naure of diplomacy in the year 2015.


Public Opinion

  • Nisbet, Erik C., Matthew C. Nisbet, Dietram A. Scheufele, & James E. Shanahan (April 2004) [ “Public Diplomacy, Television News, and Muslim Opinion.�?] Harvard International Journal of the Press/Politics. 9(2): 11-37.


Soft Power