Switzerland’s government is very ambitioned to spread an authentic, original and vibrant image of their country in the abroad communication. Because of this aim the government founded in 2000 Presence Switzerland, an umbrella organization for public diplomacy affairs which develops with the partner organizations the strategy and the guidelines for the whole promotion of Switzerland's image abroad. The appointment of this organization is fixed in the federal constitution as followed: Presence Switzerland develops and refreshes constant messages to communicate a realistic and positive image for Switzerland in foreign countries. (federal law on the promotion of Switzerland's image abroad)

The basic of Switzerland’s public diplomacy consists of 14 key elements which describes the self-perception of the country. This strength-profile was developed from an analysis of the image that Switzerland has of itself, the picture others have of it, and “reality”. These so called Story Switzerland is the heart of Switzerland under-stands of its position in the world in relation to its competitors.

Switzerland's Public Diplomacy Efforts

DiploFoundation (Swiss-supported global leader in public diplomacy)

The Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations

Presence Switzerland



Pro Helvetia


Location Switzerland


The Swiss Portal

Vital Information

  • Capital - Bern
  • Population - 7,554,661 (July 2007 est.)
  • Government – formally a confederation but similar in structure to a federal republic
  • President Moritz Leuenberger

Government Agencies

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Presence Switzerland

Swiss image abroad

Image Study - China

Image Study - Japan

Image Study - Germany

Image Study - Spain

Image Study - France

Image Study - UK & USA (only in German)

Comparative Study of the United States, Britain, Spain, France and Germany


Presence Switzerland,

Story Switzerland

federal law on the promotion of Switzerland's image abroad)

CIA Fact Book - Switzerland

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