The Edward R. Murrow Center of Public Diplomacy was founded in 1965. It is named after distinguished broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow. Its website dedicates the center "as a memorial to the man whose distinguished reporting and analysis of world news and imaginative leadership of the United States Information Agency se a standard of excellence in the field."[1]

The Fletcher School and Public Diplomacy

The Edward R. Murrow Center is part of the Fletcher School for international affairs at Tufts University. The Fletcher school holds a particular place in the history of the study of public diplomacy because Fletcher’s Dean Edmund A. Gullion first coined the term “public diplomacy” in 1965 at a building dedication ceremony on the Tufts campus. He defined it in these terms: Public diplomacy "deals with the influence of public attitudes on the formation and execution of foreign policies… encompasses dimensions of foreign relations beyond traditional diplomacy, the cultivation by governments of public opinion in other countries; the interaction of private groups and interests in one country with those of another; the reporting of foreign affairs and its impact on policy; communication between those whose job is communication, as between diplomats and foreign correspondents; and the process of intercultural communications. Central to public diplomacy is the transformational flow of information and ideas."[2]

Toward a "revitalizing vision"

The center launched in 1965, the same year that Murrow died. It houses most of Murrow’s works, transcripts, broadcasts, professional papers, and books. In 2006, the widow of a former CBS London correspondent donated Murrow’s transcripts from World War II, when he was based in London for CBS.[3]

The Center is currently undergoing "a revitalizing vision"[4] mission to expand public diplomacy at the Fletcher School. It seeks to raise funds in order:

  • to organize an annual conference on public diplomacy
  • to hire a full time administrator for the center
  • to add public diplomacy to the School’s curriculum by hiring a Edward R. Murrow professor of public diplomacy
  • to digitalize Murrow’s works
  • to increase the Center activities by inviting more speakers, offering scholarships to students and to mid-career practitioner of public diplomacy

People working at the Murrow Center

Crocker Snow Jr. is the Director of a Center. He was the first recipient of the Edward Murrow fellowship at the in 1968 and graduated with an MA in international affairs. He is a former journalist who worked for WGBH radio and the Boston Globe. He was also the president of Worldpaper, who is published in seven languages in 27 countries.

Jane Christo is developing programs with the Fletcher School for journalists reporting in fledgling democracies and areas of crisis. She previously worked as General Manager of WBUR.

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