Tony Fabrizio is a partner of the international research firm Fabrizio, McLaughlin, and Associates. His client base is global in scope and he has served internationally prominent clients on three continents. He has earned a reputation among the leading survey research and campaign strategists in the nation. His knowledge and experience with research (quantitative and qualitative), media advertising and crisis management enable him to excel as a political and corporate consultant.

In 1996, Fabrizio served as chief pollster and strategist to Bob Dole's Presidential campaign. He also has served over the years as a key advisor to a dozen U.S. Senators, scores of U.S. Congressmen and numerous Statewide elected officials. He is recognized by the international media as a national Republican strategist and spokesman.

Furthermore, Fabrizio has served numerous Fortune 500 corporations including Visa, FedEx, Pfizer, American Home Products, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, AT&T, Harrah’s, Phillip Morris, Cendant and G-Tech among others. Corporations consult Fabrizio for his expertise in consumer research and marketing, crisis management, market positioning and public affairs.

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